Dragonborn Serpent People Shopping for Meat.
Gone Shopping. Just your average everyday shopping trip, nothing strange to see here...
Halloween Witch flying on broom with black cat and magical flying pumpkins.
Happy Halloween, spreading some autumn joy!


Illustrations Created for Paizo's Starfinder and Pathfinder.

Plasma bolt! Created for the card game Synergy of Serra.
The Hunt

Kobold Press and Shard Tabletop Characters.

DnD subclass and race illustrations created for Kobold Press and Shard Tabletop.

A painting of a dark fantasy swamp with purple lighting.
Inspired by dark fantasy and elder scrolls. Created as inspiration for The Elder Scrolls Valenwood modding project.

Defenders Throne of the Bandit Lord Characters.

Created for Derick William Dalton's choose your own adventure novel, Defenders.

A drawing of Lovecraft's Roy Leakey holding a bloody shovel.
Roy Leaky from Lovecraftian Lore, created for a video game project called Midnight Customers.