A rest in the woods
personal piece
A once every ten equinox event, the Dawnstar deer are said to serve as a guiding light for those who lay eyes on them.
Polar Patroller loading screen art for Fortnite!
A star guardian asleep on one of the world’s many moons, Pyra high above the City of Starlight.
Kaelar Holiday Feast for Ashes of Creation for our December Banner! ❄
Ren’Kai Celebration January Banner Painting for Ashes of Creation!
Reggie Castello ✨ master warp hunter and notorious team leader of the star blazers.
Tumok for Ashes of Creation! ????️ This is a splash art I painted for one of our area bosses.

The aftermath of the War of Dragons in a City of Starlight series
Morrigan Splash Art I painted for Smite! AD: Jon Neimeister
She tends to the flames deep beneath the bustling streets of Goldhaven, unknown to the world above.
Splash art for the new god Martichorus for Smite! The final in-game splash was altered for some final 3d model and direction changes. Big thanks to the Hi-Rez team for their feedback!
Dragonborn Serpent People Shopping for Meat.
Gone Shopping. Just your average everyday shopping trip, nothing strange to see here...
Assemble the Crew for Magic the Gathering Alchemy Brothers War. AD: Dawn Murin
Thopter Token for Magic the Gathering Brothers War!
AD: Kieran Yanner

For Cyberpunk Red: Black Chrome. AD: Jaye Kovach

“When we’re lost deep in Wildwood: The Fae may steal my cherished goods;  But reveal the passage to safety’s land:All the way back to Goldhaven”
A piece for the Starfinder RPG by Paizo. It was fun to strike a balance between scientific accuracy and magical fantasy with the black hole design.
Fleecemane sheep can be found wandering the woodland hills of the wildwood. These partly domesticated creatures are coveted for their unique silk like fur and peaceful demeanor.
“Henceforth, we travelled deep into the wildwood, whence we happened upon an ancient keeper of the forest. Arisen midwife wandering the wood, restoring all manner of beast and bramble through soft breathes of sweet rose scent.”
He journeys to seek the world’s truth.
Subtle beacons dotting the land; fire trees serve as a link between the world’s soul and those mortals who live amongst its surface. Travelers often wander to them when lost deep within the mountains, seeking shelter from the icy claws of hypothermia.
Centaur Tea Party!
The Silence of Kings
Fantasy sorceress summoning a monster.
The Summoning
Illustration created for Kobold Press! The goal of this illustration was to depict an old weathered adventurer telling tales of his past misadventures to a group of young inexperienced adventurers. I focused the composition via graduation of light, on the old man as he is right in the middle of spinning a grand tale, while each other character looks onward with different expressions alluding to their individual personalities and experiences.
Halloween Witch flying on broom with black cat and magical flying pumpkins.
Happy Halloween, spreading some autumn joy!


Illustrations Created for Paizo's Starfinder and Pathfinder.


Plasma bolt! Created for the card game Synergy of Serra.
Alien food cart! Illustration for Synergy of Serra TCG by Calystral Games.
On the eve of that eventful night, he summoned an elder god from the depths of the darkest trenches in the sea to begin restoration of their aquatic society. Splash art illustration for the project Midnight Customers.
The Hunt
A painting of a dark fantasy swamp with purple lighting.
Inspired by dark fantasy and elder scrolls. Created as inspiration for The Elder Scrolls Valenwood modding project.
A drawing of Lovecraft's Roy Leakey holding a bloody shovel.
Roy Leaky from Lovecraftian Lore, created for a video game project called Midnight Customers.